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Sexy Nuestra Belleza Latina Juliete Cabrera

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Sexy Nuestra Belleza Latina Juliete Cabrera

Welcome to Beautiful Juliete Cabrera is from La Habana Cuba and her birthday is October 21st 1987. Juliete is one of twelve finalists on Nuestra Belleza Latina show Sunday nights at 8pm Eastern on Univision. Juliete Cabrera in my opinion has the most Beauty and Talent of all the ladies. Juliete has quite a collection of Beautiful Sexy pictures from other modeling gigs which will be updated with more information as the contest goes forward. If you have any information and or pics you would like me to post on her fan website you can contact me at

 Update Juliete Cabrera was eliminated from the show April 17 because of her pictures of the past being to risque. Are you kidding me, Juliete has the perfect body and if the producers of the show looked like Juliete they too would wear as little clothing as possible. I fully support Juliete Cabrera I believe we will hear alot more good news about up and  coming projects. Univision should give Juliete a big contract right now before she moves to bigger and better things.Please stay tuned as we follow in the footsteps of a true hero and goddess. Stay strong Juliete we love you!!

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